Sessions 2013

M.Lekander & J. Axelsson : Inflammatory control over brain function and behaviour
S.R. Dager & S. Pose : Towards Understanding Clinical Expression in Developmental Brain Disorders
A. Becker : Translating epileptogenic mechanisms into antiepileptogenic approaches (Session1), Chairs : S. Schoch & C. Bernard
A. BeckerAberrant plasticity in focal epilepsies (Session2), 
Chairs : Merab Kokaia & A. Becker
C. Wasterlain & R. Pumain : Epilepsy ans its comorbidities
W. Sommer DBS and Neuroimaging in psychiatric disorders (Session 1 Basic Principles and Approaches), Chairs : C. Winter & R. Spanagel
W. Sommer DBS and Neuroimaging in psychiatric disorders (Session 2 Applications for specific psychopathologies), Chairs : C. Hamani 1 A. Sartorius
W. Sommer DBS and Neuroimaging in psychiatric disorders (Session 3: DBS applications for impulse control disorders and addictions), Chairs : C. Baunez & W. Sommer
O. Paulson : Cerebral blood flow regulation during functional activation
B.A. Sabel : Restorate neurology : New visions for the future
F. Viana & J. McMahon: Cellular and molecular mechanisms of pain
G. Innocenti : Aspects of cortical connectivity, Part1 and Part2
S. Leibowitz & B. Weiss  Neural regulation of drug and natural rewarding-seeking behavior
E. Van Cauter Sleep and circadian regulation: genes, behavior & metabolism
R.Galuske Structure and function of cortical connectivity