Monday March 14th, A.M.
- J. Nargeot : New ion channels and their potential therapeutic interest.

Monday March 14th, P.M.
- C. O’Brien : Animal models of addictive disorders
- K. Schmidt : Concepts of cortical coding

Tuesday March 15th, A.M.
- M. Pohl : Nerve-glia crosstalk in the spinal cord : fundamental role in the development and persistence of pain

Tuesday March 15th, P.M.
- G. Badaut & A. Obenaus : Traumatic brain Injury : models, treatments and mechanisms
- R. Ilmoniemi : Characterizing the exitability and connectivity of the brain

Wednesday March 16th, A.M.
- N. Haddjeri : New approaches for the treatment of major depression
- I. Nagy & J. Palecek : Recent advances in understanding of peripheral and spinal nociceptive mechanisms of
pathological pain

Wednesday March 16th, P.M.
- R. Cunha : Caffeine control of brain function – role of adenosine receptors
- A. Irving & R. Mangieri : G protein-coupled receptors : from endogenous ligands to behavior

Thursday March 17th, A.M.
- M. Mc Innis : The long run : Post-genomic longitudinal studies of bipolar disorder
- J. Nargeot : Ischemia and reperfusion injuries : protective strategies Thursday March 17th, P.M.
- R. Dantzer & J.M. Saavedra : The many facets of neuroinflammation: new perspectives and therapeutic

Friday March 18th, A.M.
- R. Pumain & C. Wasterlain : Epilepsy & epileptogenesis : what’s new? (PART 1)
- W. Sommer : Neuroimaging in Alcoholism

Friday March 18th, P.M.
- R. Pumain & C. Wasterlain : Epilepsy & epileptogenesis : what’s new? (PART 2)