Restoration of vision can also improve sound localization: cross-sensory calibration?

Arrighi R1, Cicchini M2, Tinelli F3, Cinelli L4, Rizzo S4, Morrone MC5.

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Electromagnetic Source Imaging

Visual BOLD response in late-blind subjects with Argus II retinal prosthesis

Castaldi E1, Cicchini M2, Cinelli L4, Tosetti M3, Rizzo S4 and Morrone MC1

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Ipsilesional deficit of selective attention in left homonymous hemianopia and left unilateral spatial neglect following right brain damage.

Olivier Collignon SYMPOSIUM : Vision loss: dysfunction, plasticity, restoration and rehabilitation

Specificity of the effects of compensatory scanning training for patients with homonymous visual field defects

Gera A. de Haan1,2, Bart J.M. Melis-Dankers 2, Wiebo H. Brouwer 1,3 , Oliver Tucha 1 & Joost Heutink 1,2

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Maurocalcine, the swiss knife toxin for deciphering excitation-contraction coupling mechanisms and for biotechnological applications

Lucie Dardevet, 1 Maud Barbado , 1 Cathy Poillot, 1 Céline Tisseyre, 1 Michel Ronjat, 1Michel De Waard.1

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A novel biologic agent for targeting neuroinflammation to treat chronic pain

Eijkelkamp, N1,2, Heijnen, CJ3, Steen-Louws, C2, Hartgring, SAY 2, Willemen, HL1, Mao-Ying, Q3, Hack, CE2, van Roon, RAG2, Kavelaars, A3

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Hoping for the best but expecting the worst: The role of expectation and learning in visceral pain processing

Novel methods for vision restoration in adults beyond the critical period

Mambaquaretin, a green mamba toxin as a new therapeutic agent for polycystic kydney diseases

Justyna Ciolek, 1 Helen Reinfrank , 2 Denis Servent, 1 Gilles Mourier, 1 Bernard Mouillac,3 Loic Quinton,4 Christiane Mendre,3 Ralph Witzgall, 2Nicolas Gilles.1

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Regeneration of retinal neurons and glia by Lgr5+ amacrine cells in adult mice

Hongjun Liu1, Mengfei Chen1, Shenghe Tian1, Nathan Glasgow2, Gregory Gibson3, Xiaoling Yang1, Christen Shiber2, James Funderburgh1, Simon Watkins3, Jon Johnson2

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Perceptual Mechanisms and Plasticity in Amblyopic Vision

The DiaNAH test battery: a 30-minute computerized screening for perceptual disorders

Joost Heutink1,2, Stefanie M. de Vries 1, Frans. W. Cornelissen 3, Bart J.M. Melis-Dankers 2,  & Oliver Tucha 1

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Nonconscious Placebo Effects - How Expectations Operate Outside of Conscious Awareness

Low-grade inflammation and central fatigue

Endothelial and Glial Connexins as targets to prevent Inflammation-induced Blood-Brain Barrier Malfunctioning.

Targeting gap junction hemichannels in stroke

Christian Naus, University of British Columbia, Vancouver, Canada

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altered Resting State Connectivity in Epilepsy using high-Speed FMRI

Stefan Posse1, Kishore Vakamudi1, Cameron Trapp 1, Ulrich Lindberg2, Henrik BW Larsson2, Sándor Beniczky2, Troels W. Kjær2, Lars Pinborg2, Bruce Fisch2, Olaf B. Paulson2

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Is there a future role for molecular imaging, using pet and spect in focal epilepsy and in pre surgical evaluation process?

Lars H. Pinborg, Neurobiology Research Unit and Epilepsy Clinic, Copenhagen and University Hospital, Rigshospitalet Copenhagen, Denmark

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Higher specific infectivity of exosomal prions

Properzi F1, Logozzi M2, Abdel Haq H1, Ferroni E1, Federici C2, Lugini L2, Azzarito T2

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Chemokines as modulators of opioid functions in pain pathways

Reorganization of the visual pathways after early-age tumor surgery: the contribution of functional magnetic resonance imaging and fiber tractography

Tinelli F1 Aghakhanyan G2, Mikellidou K³,Frijia F4, Arrighi R5, Greco V6, Morrone MC1 ³& Montanaro D7

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Effect of enhancement of the cholinergic transmission on perceptual-cognitive training of healthy young adults

Changes in neuronal Activity in the visual cortex and subcortical structures of the visual system following posterior cortical stroke

Enhanced sensitivity to seizures after caffeine exposure during pregnancy. A role for A2A receptors.

Zappettini S1, 2, Gomez Castro F3, Fazeli AW4, Isbrandt D4,5,6, Cunha AR7,8, Esclapez M1, 2, Levi S3, Bernard C1, 2

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Do early seizures re-program the immature brain?

J. Niquet, C. Wasterlain, L. Suchomelova, D. Torolira, R. Baldwin, K. Norman.

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Quantitative Proteomics Reveals that Secreted Factors Governing Motility in rat C6 Glioma Cells Depends on Connexin43 Integrity

Marc Mesnil1,2, Pierre-Olivier Strale1, Nikolay Stoynov3, Leonard J. Foster3, Christian C.Naus2, Vincent C. Chen4

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